LGBT adopters

Brighton & Hove have proved ourselves to be national leaders in the field of lesbian and gay adoption and we have been placing children with lesbian and gay adopters for many years. LGBT adopters are considered on their own merits, equal to other adopters.  They continue to transform many children’s lives in our communities and we are keen to support and  build on their successes.

You will need to be able to give children and young people the care and support they need to be happy and fulfilled. You can adopt if you are single or in a relationship, or if you own or rent your home.

Lesbian and Gay Adopters' Group

This group is facilitated by its members. The group is open to Brighton & Hove adopters who identify themselves as gay or lesbian and who have been approved or accepted for assessment, with or without children placed. The group usually meets once a month, alternating with events that include children.

If you would like to know more about this group then please contact or 01273 295455.

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