We aim to make the Brighton & Hove fostering team website as accessible and useable as we can for all our visitors.

If you have any problems using the website, feedback will give us guidance so we can make it better. If you experience any trouble accessing services or information on the council site, contact us.

If you want some support around starting to use the internet to access council services you might benefit from using our council connect service at Brighton & Hove libraries.

For those of you needing further help on accessing websites, we hope the following information will be useful.

GOV.UK’s pages on accessibility provide a good summary of where to find out information on accessibility

Like GOV.UK we are pointing to the BBC’s excellent accessibility pages to get you started. We’ve included some direct links below.

For further information on things like spell checking, word predicting software, keyboard stickers and voice recognition visit the BBC’s My Web My Way pages.

Other links about accessibility