The Brighton & Hove adoption team works closely with the Brighton & Hove fostering team. Fostering is a way of offering children and young people a safe, stable home while their own family is unable to look after them. Foster carers look after children in their own homes and give them the secure and nurturing environment they need.

Fostering can be short term or long term, meaning it can be for a few days, weeks, months or years. The ages of the children range from 0 to 18. Some children may return to their birth families, others may be supported through continued fostering until they are ready to live independently and some may move onto adoption.

Like adoption, there is a full application and approval process.

Concurrency care and fostering for adoption

We also offer concurrency care and fostering for adoption placements for children. See our What is adoption? page for more information.


Please visit the Brighton & Hove fostering team website for more information.


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