Important Adoption Support Fund Update

The Government have made the decision to introduce some limits to the amount of money available to families through the Adoption Support Fund.  The Minister wrote to all Directors of Children’s Services yesterday. In summary, there will be a cap of £5,000 per child for applications made this financial year.

This will not affect any agreements already made, they are not seeking to recover any monies over this amount but it will have implications for some families.  The announcement was made yesterday (06.10.2016) so we and our colleagues at the Adoption Support Fund are working hard to work out what this means for everyone.  If you have any anxieties or queries about your own situation, please contact the Adoption Helpline (01273 295444) between 9.30 and 1.00 on Mondays and Thursdays or email us at .  We will do all that we can to minimise any disruption to the services you are receiving.

Letter from Minister of State for Vulnerable Children and Families (PDF)