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The Brighton & Hove City Council Fostering and Adoption website does not automatically store or capture personal information, but merely logs your IP address which is automatically captured by the web server.

Cookies are used for user session management (erased when your session ends) and to detect if you are a first time or repeat user for statistical purposes. This data is anonymous. Cookies are not used to store information about you or your computer.

Where personal data is requested through forms, such data is only used for the purpose stated on the form and will not be given or sold to any third parties.

This privacy policy only covers the Brighton & Hove City Council Fostering and Adoption website at and Websites linked to from this site are not covered by this policy.

Summary of terms


Used to locate and display Web pages via a software application. The most popular ones are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.


Message given to a web browser by a web server. The message is then stored by the browser in a text file called 'cookie.txt'. Cookies are used to enable a web site to 'remember' whether a user has visited the site before and possibly to store marketing information about previous visits (items bought last time, pages visited, etc). Cookies are also used to store temporary information as a user moves from page to page within a site (items in a shopping basket etc.). Such cookies are erased when the user session ends.

IP (Internet Protocol)

All networks connected to the internet speak IP, the technical standard which allows data to be transmitted between two devices. TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is responsible for making sure messages get from one host to another and that the messages are understood.

IP address 

If you are connected to the Internet you have one, for example it may look something like this

User Session

A user's visit to a site. Begins when the user first accesses any page on a given site and ends after a visitor has left that site and not revisited it within a specified amount of time (normally 20 minutes) or when the user's browser is closed.

Web Server

Delivers (serves up) web pages to your computer.

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Disclaimer of Liability

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External links disclaimer

Throughout our site you will find links to external websites. Although we make every effort to ensure these links are accurate, up to date and relevant, Brighton & Hove City Council cannot take responsibility for pages maintained by external providers.