Parking zones map

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The red lines on the map show the boundaries of the parking zones in Brighton & Hove.
Click on any location on the map to find out which parking zone it is in.You can look up locations by typing the street name or post code into the box, and clicking on search.
You can zoom in on the map by double-clicking or using the slider bar on the top left-hand side.

  • Drag to pan
  • SHIFT + Click to recenter
  • SHIFT + Drag to zoom in
  • SHIFT + CTRL + Drag to zoom out
  • Mouse Scroll Forward to zoom in
  • Mouse Scroll Backward to zoom out
  • Use Arrow keys to pan
  • + key to zoom in a level
  • - key to zoom out a level
  • Double Click to Zoom in

Every effort has been made to ensure that the parking zone boundaries on this map are accurate. If the map shows that your property is near the edge of a parking zone please use our find my parking zone tool instead.

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